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YCM June 2012
NOW ON PRINT yCM #21 - JUN. 2012

A lot of changes have taken place since 2004, when a handful of Yorkshire terrier enthusiasts decided to introduce a new comprehensive Yorkie magazine for distribution worldwide!  Today we are managing an economical challenge which is affecting our special world as well: so also YCM is preparing for a future online version of the magazine, like most of the major magazines are doing around the world. You will get your copy everywhere, on your laptop, your tablet, your net pc…
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Of Millmoor
YCM#21 - APR. 2012
The story of the most famous yorkshire terrier kennel of our times, written by Hugo Ibanez Hornung.
Groom with America's Best

Custom designed for show dogs. Pamperded pets love Vellus too.

NewsMay 22, 2012
We are very glad that our Facebook group went over 2500 members and it is full of daily posts coming from all over the world! See you on FB!!
NewsSeptember 27, 2013
Watch the Nationale d'Elevage (France) LIVE on ANIMAL NEWS.TV!!
Wrap Jackets

Wrap Jacket for Show Dogs. Super quality special elastic tissue. Exclusive.

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Show Preparation
Kirsten McGregor shows us in detail the ring preparation of a yorkshire terrier.

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Dear Yorkie lover,

we are a group of people united by our passion for the Yorkshire Terrier and by the desire to see a continuous improvement in this wonderful breed. In 2003 we decided to create a magazine and a website for giving to all "yorkie people" in the World an easy way to share information and experiences. So it born the YORKY CLUB MAGAZINE and this website. After several years of work, YORKY CLUB MAGAZINE became a very apreciated quality review distributed all over the World, with thousends of subscribers, many people involved in its Editorial Team and a large number of advertisers, who fill every issue with wonderful pictures of their beautiful yorkies.

A hearthful thanks to all of them for their support in these years.

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